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6 Reasons to Log Your Scuba Dives

Posted by David Lehrian on

You might ask yourself why should I log my scuba dives? I already know what I am doing right? But there are many reasons to continue to log your scuba dives long after you have completed your initial scuba training.

1. Your dive log book is the proof of your experience. By taking the time to record your scuba dives and obtain verification stamps from the dive shops you are able to continue to advance your skills through further training. Often a certain number of dives under your dive belt is required to take additional training courses.

2. Your dive log book is a great reference for you when planning future scuba dives. It is a physical record of all the details of each of your dives from location, time of day, weights, type of wetsuit, air used, depths, visibility and interesting things seen. Having this information at your fingertips can make diving at the same location easier to prepare for and compare past conditions.

3. Your dive log book is a great learning tool. From dive to dive you can make adjustments to your equipment needs, track you air usage and refine your diving skills.

4. Your dive log book can be a great way to record fun and interesting things that you see while under the water and make it easy to pinpoint when something happened. Like "Hey remember when that seal was tugging on our flippers under the water!" Your dive log can help you keep track of these experiences.

5. Your dive log book can act as a travel journal recording key elements of your vacation. Keeping a record and making it easier to remember exact dates and times.

6. Your dive log book can be a reflection of you by choosing a design(s) that showcase your love of what lives below the surface of the ocean.

So be sure to log your scuba dives it will give you lots of memories and a clear record of your past scuba dives to reminisce.